resooth (resooth) wrote in torontoru,

Нефиг на зеркало пенять...

Нашего марихуаниста, коллекционера разноцветных носков и вообще симпотяшку грубый дядька с Филиппин, который уже посылал на --- даже Обаму, унизил на весь мир за попытку лезть не в свои дела.

"Duterte said that he treated Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's expression of his country's concern over the human rights situation in the Philippines as a "personal and official insult" because foreigners were unaware of the situation on the ground.
That is why you hear me chewing down curses, epithets, nagmumura (cursing), bullshit and everything because it angers me when you are a foreigner you do not know what is happening in this country," he said in the wide-ranging media briefing."
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