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TELUS, 5 months contract, Java EE and UI development AngularJS, Angular 4 - $900 per day

TELUS has an immediate need for a JEE developer that ideally knows Angular 4. At present, the duration of the engagement is from Feb to end of June 2018. Rates would be $850 - $900 per day. Essentially, s/he would start as soon as provisioning is complete. Although stated to run to end of June, we know how these short- term engagements can often turn into something longer.

The following are the attributes and qualifications needed by the candidate:

Demonstrated initiative
Quick learner
Clear communicator
5 - 10 years of development experience in Java
Strong in Java EE and UI development
Experienced with AngularJS, Angular 4
Comfortable working in an Agile/Scrum environment
This is an urgent need, so if you know anyone who may be a fit, please bring them to our attention as soon as possible. Help us to help our customer and earn a referral fee, too!

If you have any questions please contact Barry Sears at

Thank you very much.

Warmest Regards,

Angela Alampur

Senior Office Administrator

Trigon Computer Solutions Ltd.

905-470-4044 x221

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