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Ещё про козни либералов

Вот такое вот письмо получил от федеральных консерваторов

in the 2015 election, an unprecedented amount of foreign cash made its way into the coffers of third party groups with an anti-Conservative agenda.

It was reported that 114 third parties spent $6 million on the 2015 election, and many of those third parties were funded by organizations like the Tides Foundation.

The Tides Foundation is notoriously anti-Canadian oil, and they have held numerous anti-Canadian oil campaigns.

The Liberals were all too happy to receive support from these foreign-funded third parties.

Would you believe that there are no laws to prevent third parties from using foreign money for most election related purposes?

As Conservatives, we believe it should be up to Canadians to decide their elections – not foreign money.

It should be stopped.

That’s why I introduced Bill S-239, the Eliminating Foreign Funding in Canadian Elections Act, to make it completely illegal for this activity to continue.

Justin Trudeau’s Senators are blocking this legislation from being studied at committee, and I am concerned that we will see even more foreign funding in 2019.

If the Liberals are not going to make it illegal for third parties to receive foreign funding in the next election, we’re going to need a lot of help.

А нас какими-то Путинскими троллями пугают...

ПыСы: судя по комментариям чувствуется гражданскаяпозиция сообщества и общий настрой
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