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Новости от "хороших", не онтарийских либералов

Under the revised policy, newcomers won't be denied permanent residency if they or any of their children have developmental delays, special education requirements, or a hearing or visual impairment. The anticipated health-care cost threshold — the sum a prospective immigrant can't exceed in annual health care costs in order to be admissible — will increase to about $20,000 a year, about three times the previous threshold.
Asked if the government is perpetuating a discriminatory policy, Hussen said the changes will bring it "closer in line" to Canadian values, while bringing on board the provinces and territories, which pay for publicly-funded health and social services.

Судя по обсуждениям в интернет по этому вопросу у канадцев консенсус и надежда крепнет что драма тичер будет скоро писать мемуары вместе с онтарийской соратницей.
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