Клещ тетя Оксана (verbilki) wrote in torontoru,
Клещ тетя Оксана

Работа для билингв

Банк ищет людей, хорошо владеющих русским языком (английский, разумеется, нужен тоже)
The role is based at Bay and College as part of the new Financial Planning Associate Role (FPA) working closely with a Financial Planner. So the person would be making outbound calls for the FP, booking appointments and if / or once they have CSC / IFIC they can also take orders (like purchase $5K of RSPs for example)

This person would be supporting some branches in the Vaughan area that have many Russian Speaking clients.

Working with a brand new team (March 12)
Permanent, full-time.
Понедельник-пятница с 8 до 5.

Высшее образование очень желательно.
Желающих прошу писать мне письма мелким почерком.
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